Yet Another Mortal To Be

Written by: Swagat Bhattacharjee

This frustration strikes me each day
My efforts seem obsolete. 
With every passing second i think, 
if there's bliss i should ever meet? 

Life has got stagnant.
Even the air seems immobile.
I search for refuge, 
a friend of need, may be, for a while. 

I search for refuge, 
in poems of all might.
The darkest of them all 
to me, seem just right.

I crawl helplessly 
Battling the heart and mind. 
But the world is busy it seems 
To give a thought of such kind. 

Freedom is all that i need now 
I'm sighting an end thats truly mine.
And so there would be less to lose 
And quit life,
something i could never define!