As I Looked Back

Written by: david blodgett

Today I spoke with God
for the first time in many years,
in the midst of our conversation
I found myself shedding tears.
God answered all my questions
that I've had since I was a kid,
after our talk together was over
I was so grateful that he did.
I asked god to explain the reasons
for the loss of loved ones along the way,
and why must I continue hurting
because of memories of yesterday.
                God said:
My child the pain that dwells within you
is niether too great or small for thee,
it's because of pain you continue searching
for the man you are meant to be.
I must of had a look of confusion
because God said " let there be no mistake! "
He turned me around and right there I found
a million footprints I myself had made.
I just stood there staring at the footprints
not quite sure what I was meant to learn,
but then as I looked back at all my tracks
I felt my heart begin to burn.
There about a half a million prints behind me
I saw my children following in my steps,
I fell to my knees as it occured to me
the exact  nature of most my regrets.
                 I Learned:
As children we follow in the footsteps
of our loved ones we come to know,
but without the guidence of morals and values
we can often lose our ability to even grow.
This was one of many lessons
that God's been trying to get through to me,
now that I look back at all my tracks
I know exactly who I am meant to be.
I am supposed to be a father 
to my children every day,
and help them along through right or wrong
so they can become who they are meant to be.