You Dream to be a Poet

Written by: Kyle kriticos

You dreamt to be a poet big and strong

The world recites your verses when your gone
You want to wear a famous thinking cap
As you read, the world will listen on your lap
Your pen is worth a continent at least
And everyone is silent when you speak
The English classes study what you write
The army quotes your words before they fight 

You wake up in the same old creaky bed

Not a single famous word has left your head
But your wife is in the hall where candles glow
Reading words you wrote her long ago
And the fantasy you cherished fades away
As you face another average poets day
You go and check your average poets mail
Not caring if your entries have prevailed 

A letter from a magazine you hold!
They've used your poem to advertise fine gold!

Now you are a poet big and strong 
Yet you drink your morning tea and carry on
Because the love poem that you wrote will change your life
But you wish that you had kept it for your wife

By Kyle Ezra Kriticos