Pain and Love

Written by: Richard Moriarty

Pain is suddenly being left alone
its when you lose someone who was everything
pain is when you don't know what to do
when all seems to be falling in on you
pain is when you have no one to dry your tears
or hold you in the night
when everything seems a fright
pain is just hurting because you feel all alone
and don't have anyone to hear you call out in the night
its when you walk and walk and walk, and have no where to go
pain is all these things and more;
but somewhere - sometime - a gentle soul enters your life
and gives you a smile, 
dries your tears, and lets you know that you're not alone.
you find that pain is no longer controlling your life
when this gentle soul shows you the way
its when you can tell them:
when I lost my smile,
you gave me yours;
when I needed a friend,
you were there;
when I didn't know what to do,
you showed me;
for all that you have been, and all that you are -
I will love you.

Dedicated to my wife, Janet - for all that you have been and are.