Who Built These Walls

Written by: Kyle kriticos

I always thought I'd break my hand on this enclosure
This space with everyday renewed it's grasp
My shaking voice gave nothing but a wail
And the walls that held me in were rising fast

And up, the gate that rose and gave no passage
And up, the flag of hell beside my soul
While everyone who knew it shook their head
There were none to help a wretch who'd lost control

No visitors would come to see such horror
Where the marching band of life had lost its beat
Mists of cooling rain had whispered freedom
But never could I recognize relief 

Outside the walls, the people laughed and loved
While I wondered why my place with them was taken
Yet everyday the same bright sun was rising
And everyday it promised liberation 

Desperately I shook the walls and asked them
"Who is it that cages me each day"? 
With a howl they replied "you are the builder"
Take us down yourself, or we will stay

by Kyle Ezra Kriticos