Dad Son Dad

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

is all weather umbrella
is what they say...

             rain or shine 
             there to protect 
             is what they say...

                         But then don't we 
                         open and close it as per our need
                         is he a puppet I wonder ...

                                         When torn and rusty 
                                         we discard to buy new 
                                         is he object with limited validity I wonder...

When Dad needs protection 
Kids hestitate to be his umbrella 
is dad's not someones son and son others dad I wonder ... 

             Cycle continues, many a Dad continue to suffer
             often at hands of son till he is dead     
             is dad derivative of dead I wonder...

                       Many a dad are taken good care of
                       Sons compassionate as to their own kids
                       is son derivative of bright sun I wonder ... 

By Hitendra Mehta
For June 2012 Poetry Soup Contest