An inland bay

Written by: Mark Norton

 An inland bay

         In deafness she senses the pounding surf,
         Imagines its piercing roar,
         While remembered still is the time and place
         About an inland bay  

         For dreams fall apart when the voices die
         Yet there were no tears remaining to cry,
         But through the ebb and flow of days
         Echoes still silent lay

         And what retains the placid flow.
         In the darkness of this rocky cove,
         For here the sound of a distant voice
         Did pass by long ago

         Softly cast beneath sunlit rays
         The blow of a western wind,
         Like a chill that hints of autumns birth
         In a place so far from home

         Swiftly passes a voiceless call
         In a land when shadows quiet call;
         Like the night that comes as days depart
         About the calm of an inland bay

                              By m.n.