My Friend

Written by: Debbie Knapp

My Friend
There waiting wanting so much to reach out is my friend. Alone and broken hearted 
beaten down to a point of no return. Afraid to reach out any more filled with despair 
closed off from everything around her. What is the point when at every turn there is 
sadness and rejection? No one see’s the loneliness’ inside swallowing her whole. 
Desperate she can only dream of a friend to smile and laugh with.
In this deep dark recess a seed begins to grow between her and me. Together we 
plan and accept the things which we cannot change. We will become a friend in all 
things keeping our secrets and watching a dream take root and grow. To this I say 
we can and will without anything to bring sorrow and pain. All else is just there and 
has no matter. No one can take what is not shared or destroy what is not given.
What about my pain and sorrow, the loneliness that flows through my veins? My 
broken and lonely heart that trust no more which feels it could never mend. It has 
turned to that dark place where only I can go and understand. No more to allow 
another to cause hurt and sadness. I find myself to be my friend and trust no other.
As we whisper and dream our life begins again. Just you and I alone we trust no 
other. My friend it’s you right here where you have always been waiting wanting to 
reach out. The one I can smile and laugh with. My inner self has come alive.   
Debbie Knapp