Before I Die I Want

Written by: Debbie Knapp

Before I Die I Want….
Deep inside of me things have begun to stir. My hopes and dreams are mixing with 
my needs and desires. As feelings come to the surface suddenly my mind and body 
are taking on a life it seems all their own. Never before has such a sensation to fulfill 
what was once hidden demanded to  be made known. Now all that lies beneath 
waiting, longing to come alive bubbled forth.
It feels as though an unexpected force has entered my entire being pulling me, 
urging me on. Somewhere out there time and chance is going to come for me. Life is 
all too short at times so what do I do with what stirs right beneath the surface? Risk 
it all before I die for what I want!
I set my hope and dreams to the wind to carry forth. My wants and desires followed 
close behind. They whistled through the trees and brushed the mountain tops. The 
ocean waves carried them far away to places my eyes have never seen. The desert 
floor was sprinkled softly with each and everyone I whispered. The stars in the sky 
lit up with my secrets and scattered them near and far.
Now somehow they have been found out and are coming alive. I can feel it inside of 
me as now the demand to be filled has been sensed and demands to be satisfied. I 
spoke of hidden things only to have them set free. Dreams are private until spoken 
into the wind. Desire carries a scent that can’t go without stirring needs you 
whisper and only hope to fill. 
Before I die the things I whispered into the wind may come to be. I knew the risk of 
the whisper and that perhaps time and chance would take my secrets. These things 
have taken root and began to grow so strongly that not even I know if the risk of 
hopes, dreams, needs and desires will be fulfilled before I die.
                                                                                                           Debbie Knapp