We can't unite Yes we can

Written by: Bobb Marly

Denomination can be aggravation
Ritual religion an abomination
They are wrong and going to hell
Just how wrong no one can tell
They wear suits the stuck up snobs
Don't let them in they dress like slobs
They think were going to escape one day
They think heavens here and here we'll stay
They'retoo fancy and too rich
They're too poor and can't help a stitch
They just don't believe whats right
They need to stare into our light
What us join with them you are crazy indeed
We can't join with them no matter the need
They are unclean and we are not
We'll stay in the shade while they go where it's hot
Sister A did this brother B did that
He's way to skinny she's way to fat
We're not the same color
We don't like the same flavor
We can't be together
Even though we have the same Savior
Divided we are and divided we will fall
Christ didn't die for US He died and rose for ALL.