Wild Rowan

Written by: Mystified Story

Across the desert and the sea There was A virgin forest that was savagely free, Then came the day where A rash young queen was sent to pick a tree, Between all kind of trees Big, vivid and green Oak, maple and aspen. In this dark wood The young lady stood, She picked this wan tree A little rowan tree That was barely seen Isolated Excommunicated Been bewitched by its icky fruits Its pallid leaves, Decided to cherish And not let it perish Sniggers of the other plants Were loud For picking this chesty arrogant tiny tree Everyone was disappointed by the queen’s choice No matter what She loved it They tried to convince her to cast it away, The more they asked The more she got attached Oh what a young tree How much she loved this tree This cynical tree. This wild beauty wasn’t meant to be loved Neither to love She hated the queen Or perhaps shammed it. Months of trial Torture and misery Were spent And that’s when eventually The queen decided to set the rowan free Free from her castle Her mind But could never set it free from her heart Not only a tree Not just a wild rowan tree. And that was the end of The queen's first love, An abnormal love. Rowan Oh dear Rowan What did you do to my queen