Dejavu for Two

Written by: Aleasha Martin

Dejavu for Two

Perfect is far from perfect
But yet so close to it
Two stars are better than one... 
So this gotta be worth it
If I’m not mistaken, 
we may have met in heaven before
this is exactly what he’s  sayin’

Dejavu for two stars?
We could take this so far
There’s this feeling in the air
but I can’t quite touch it from over here
It’s like we’ve sat right here
across from each other before
in this exact same booth…
I saw what you were thinking 
and you thought the same too
Mysterious miracles are possible
with two amazing people
I’m not talkin’ chemistry or biology
or even crazy mathematics in trigonometry
This is unbelievable past the point til’ it’s believable

But then again, if we never get the chance 
to work on the island of paradise city…
It was nice to meet you, greet you, 
and share a seat with you
to experience this moment of
“Dejavu for Two”

By: Aleasha A. Martin