Birthday Poem by My Labs

Written by: Mye Coronado

Miguel wrote:
"If my heart could spell love it would spell your name
Though I look tough on the outside, I’m kinda lame
I smell bad, I look dirty, I’m such a shame
I don’t care what they say, they’re all the same
One thing’s for sure
You are my cure
I don’t feel insecure
Lover’s have past
I hope I am your last
I’m having such a blast
I thank you for your love
I thank the guy above
What other word rhymes with shove?
Can’t wait to see you later
Time is such a traitor
I’m such a lousy waiter
Sorry for my rhymes
This is just grime
No excuse like little time
So many things to say
So little time today
So here it is. Happy birthday
”I love you Mye!"