Written by: Amit Valmiki

Mundane perspective, a walk is for health.
Rather than this hardly else it matters.
Being a habitual walker feel it as vital.
In manner on which I thought, feel these lines here we go………
For calming the mind, 
Stressed by the thoughts at night, a walk matters.
For having relaxation to soul,
Distorted by the emotions, a walk matters.
For taking into the loved ones memories,
To Whom It May Concern, a walk matters.
For revealing the circumstance conditions,
We also call it as news of vicinity, a walk matters.
To those unwanted things going in life,
In keeping all perplexity away, a walk matters.
A minor walk can give you an intangible world.
Will separate you from all pains and emptiness.
Think for it, Go for it, it cost nothing,
Rather than your interest.
So, just lay up your shoes, put in your head-cords and get started with a lovely 
walking moments.
Good luck!