Blaze of Glory

Written by: Richard Moriarty

A sudden scurry of light 
flashed across the darkened sky
cosmic particles flew across
the horizon creating enough light to
attract these wandering eyes.
A fiery display like fireflies
leaving a trail of glowing embers
weaving a pattern of radiant light 
through the darkened night.
A sense of cosmic games being played
by bodies as old as time itself
falling from heaven's grace
in a flood of color and flames.
Across the sky comets moving like balloons
on a string to the delight of children 
looking into the night.
Again appeared in that expanse of space
the death of a far away star
blazing its eerie trail across the night sky -
leaving momentarily a ribbon of light; then to be seen-
-no more.
A celestial grand plan put in place
by other than man, only He could devise
such a thing to hang stars as ornaments
in the sky, leaving man to provide only
names for someone else's scheme.

Everything in life has its time and place
yet what more to seek, but not to find,
than a falling star to treat these old eyes of mine.

So whenever our call comes to follow these flaming beauties -
shall we go quietly to a darkened space,
or shall we like these celestial things, leave this life
in a blaze of glory - a lasting moment of beauty and grace,
as we move on to some other place.