i wish

Written by: HARSH dev

I wish life was what I wanted it to be like,
I wish you were with me every evening ,sitting close in the moonlit sky,
I wish I didn’t spend nights in the solitude of my melancholy cry ,
I wish you were with me every evening, sitting close in the moonlit sky.
I wish I could make you understand what I feel, if only my   heart could express what it 
I wish my dreams were not the only place where I saw you,
Though I love my dreams because It’s the only time I smile,
I wish I could relive the few moment we’ve had together, if only time could bend for my 
impatient love.
I wish my eyes didn’t crave for your sight if only there was something better in the 
world to see,
I wish I could appreciate the divine world around me if only you were with me holding 
my hands,
I wish these distances curtail soon because  now I wish I never have to say I WISH