Do Not Resuscitate

Written by: Amber Huether

Do Not Resuscitate 

You did not tell me we were drowning. 
I’ve always known to swim. 
Why didn’t you tell me we were sinking?
I would have rescued us again. 

The ocean we were swimming, 
Was vast, and wide, and blue. 
We were seeking out a treasure
Just our love and me and you. 

Why did I not see that we were drowning.
And scream for help to come. 
That ocean race that we were swimming, 
We never could have won. 

 You told me once before, 
That you knew you couldn’t swim. 
But I thought I could hold your head up
Help you breath the air and take it in. 

I threw on my lifeguard persona. 
I wanted to save you. Save you and I 
But I knew I couldn’t jump in the water again
At the time I just didn’t know why. 

You did not tell me we were drowning. 
I wish you would have told me then. 
If I had seen that we were sinking, 
I could have let the rescue of myself begin.