Silence too Sounds


In a world where sound reigns,
And an era where sound adorns,
Seldom silence too sounds,
Even without a single wave formed,
Conveying everything even untold,
One among the unlimited expressions of nature,
A reliable expression for every creature,
Silence of breeze a matter of exaggeration for poets,
Even silence of the Last Prophet makes a solid statement for the believers,
Statue of Buddha in silence revealing peace and non violence,
Prayers to the God revivifying it into spirits in silence,
Tajmahal unveiling its majesty and magnificence,
While alone on a full moon night, in silence,
So at times silence angelic,
Sometimes terrific,
While in a graveyard or on the Day of Judgment,
At times tragic, when kept mum against,
the evils and vicious around by…..
Doesn’t silence sounds well….? Reciprocate at least in a sigh.