World Greatest

Written by: suleimon bamidele BALOGUN

Things to deliver;deliver it,
Deliver it to the World
The world is thirsty of your contribution,
I can see in you;deliver it,deliver it
Before it comes late;
For late becomes out-dated,
I can see in you;straight in the face,you're world
Awake it;
For it burns in you,
Your been great is our concern,quick and 
let it out
It burns in you like an explosive ready for explosion
I can see it;they said it,it's you alone who can turn the world and make 
it be the way expected
Don't let it die;don't let it quench,the light in you must be
Deliver it,deliver it for we wait you yet call
For it's time to deliver it;
Never let it go Undelivered.