Written by: T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet

                  THE LONG ROAD HOME

Our home in the country sit's deep in a valley.
Once a month our small town has a home town rally.

Country living and country folk is what we live for.
We all are willing to lend a hand or to open a door.

Tall trees winter grass and the scent of spring flowers.
Chickens laying eggs,cows grazing in summer showers.

People of Prue,Oklahoma have nothing bad to say.
We socialize and join together in church and pray.

We got a church,post office,store and a school.
We got our own lake so there is no need for a
                    swiming pool.

There's plenty of room for dogs and kids to roam.
         .As you travel the long road home.
                      Teresa Skyles
Entered in Brian Strand's"A free choice any form/theme Max 12 LINES"contest