Kissed By A Butterfly

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

What seemed like an ordinary day, turned special in a most peculiar way. My friend 
Polly and I set out to see the "House of Butterflies" , eagerly anticipating to see the 
elegant, graceful, glorious creatures. When we stepped inside , scores of other 
people all about, all in wonder we took in the explosion of colors, all of the rainbow 
and even more.

We moved slowly casting our eyes all about, not wanting to miss a thing no doubt. 
Then Polly said "look Jack a butterfly has landed on your head" , much to my suprise 
I glanced in one of the many mirrors all about and there on my head sat a glorious 
blue and yellow butterfly! We slowly moved along beholding their delicate grace and 
beauty. Of the scores of people there, I was the only one with a butterfly on my 
head. As we neared the exit the butterfly moved onto my cheek and I got a 
delightful sensation, a tiny kiss on my cheek ,Then this feeling gripped me, a feeling I 
have rarely experienced, I felt special~~kissed by a butterfly~~.

Then the fans they used to keep them inside, wisped the butterfly from my cheek. 
Another feeling exploded from deep within, I so longed to go back and experience it 
once again. To find my butterfly friend and to once again be ~~kissed by a