Yes Carol, they're dogs

Written by: michael hornschuch

                                                   My three girls
                                                by Michael Hornschuch

With great fondness I write of my three girls, 
They're  always smiling throughout the day 
Chasing cats, and the occasional squirrels
Searching the park, oh, how they play

But mornings are rough, as I walk out the door,
Their eyes all saddened as they wonder once more
Will he return at days end, or is this our last time
Since he’s gone, to the couch where we’ll climb

Guarding the house in my absence -- they watch
For burglars and thieves and postmen at four
This job they take seriously and never will botch
Militantly watching for a stranger at the door

But each night I return, same as the day before, 
Ecstatic with joy, overwhelmed by my presence
As if they were saying “don’t leave us no more!!” 
Each dog vying for attention at my sudden entrance  

What an example of God’s loving grace
Suddenly playful, crazy and wild
Each taking their turn at licking my face
I spoil them rotten as each is my child