Oh the Wonder

Written by: E. Pearl Anderson

I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming
My wingspan was wider than all the other butterflies
Delighted I soared higher and faster
Swooping in and out of lush trees and white fences;
I found the perfect enchanted waterfall
It fell at least sixteen feet splashing on the satiny rocks below—
I sat fascinated 
Balanced on the petals of a fragrant, purple Lilac
the cool mist sprayed my brilliant pink and yellow wings;
This was such an enraptured place
it reminded me of my  far away Wales,
I was totally enthralled as I surveyed my surroundings
Pink and red roses; blue wisteria; white gardenias and jasmines
The aroma nearly overwhelmed me, deliciously intoxicating;
Why, I was so entranced that I nearly fell off the little blossom
That’s when I saw green frog sitting on one of the cool rocks by the stream
His eyes were closed but he was smiling with an occasional croak.
He was captivating to watch;
Perhaps, he was dreaming he was becoming a Prince
Could be as I recall dreaming I was a butterfly—

Oh! The wonder of it all!

   E. Pearl Anderson
   Daydreams and Dreams and Dreams
   July 15, 2011