Ravished By Her Guardian

Written by: Ingibo Benson

Once an innocent child, was ravished by her guardian
I beseech thee keep not thy yam with a goat.
Ada is a comely teenage with an excellent mind
But to pluck a lovely flower is to kill it
It is not love, no. Ada faced a humiliation unwarranted
Don't force urine down my throat because I urinate 
Now, each way she goes, the wind proudly flaunts
High the garment of shame
Uche has carved a scar in her tender heart
With a red-hot iron, even the hotness is like unto hell
All-consuming as it first began
Now she is strongly distrustful of men
Her Heart is yet to forgive his sin
It pains so bad that her heart cries in the silence of the night
It pains so bad that her heart mourns in the brightness of a new day
She seriously wonders what life is
She ask in her heart, why this should be
What wrong she has done
Why at her feet the world should collapse
She wonders if she could ever forgive
A man who took a pride she had consciously guarded.