I Really Do Miss you For Now

Written by: Amber Huether

I really do miss you. For now. 

Let’s talk a little of missing me. 
Of how you lied back then, 
Lets talk about where you chose to be
Instead of where you shoulda been. 

Lets talk of the nights when you had me there. 
To love and to hold forever. 
Lets talk of the nights I was there for you. 
I never walked away, not ever. 

Lets talk about how you really miss me. 
Now that the glimmer of gold is gone. 
Lets talk about how you really miss me, 
You had every chance to make it right, not wrong. 

Lets talk about words that should have been said. 
And promises made never kept. 
Lets talk about whispers that put love in my head, 
And nights left alone that I wept. 

Lets discuss the real moment of missing me. 
Was it when you felt the sheets grow cold? 
Lets reminisce about what you had next to you.
A woman by your side, we woulda grown old.  

Lets remember the wrongs that led you astray. 
And how many times I turned a cheek. 
The times I should have listened more carefully, 
And give myself credit that I wasn’t so weak. 

Lets talk about it really, about really missing me. 
What is that you suddenly want? 
You had it all, I gave it all. 
Is the freedom not all that you thought? 

Lets talk about missing me, 
and the things that cannot be undone. 
Lets talk about the battles in our hearts that we fought. 
And the final war that remains un-won.