The Visitor

Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.


When it came all I could see was a dark shadow standing over me - 
Pressing down on my chest.  It wanted my last breathe.

I was lying on my back completely motionless. 
I couldn’t breathe or speak, but the Word was on my chest.
But it pressed harder and harder with powers beyond imagination!
Evil filled the room like a cloud of smoke, and I was suffocating!

And as I laid there instilled with fear, all I could do was wonder.
Is this the end of me, and if so, how much longer?

And as it pressed and pressed I almost gave it my last breath!
But thanks be to God, the Word was on my chest!

In between my right palm and heart was a Bible some time ago my mother gave me.
She told me, “Take this wherever you go my son, and meditate on it daily.”

And at last strength returned to me to fend off this uninvited imposter!
In the name of Jesus, get off my chest! For it is written.  
No weapon formed against me shall prosper!