Written by: Jack Ross jr.

Have you searched your heart, have you searched your soul? Have you ever taken 
time to think about anyone but you?  Do you think that life is only just a game? Tell me if you will, does it even matter to you? 
Do you have enough money, do you have enough toys? Is there a limit, to how 
much you lust for? Are you like so many others, is this how you keep score?

Have you ever helped a stranger, those less fortunate than you? Do you have a 
heart, do you even care? Do you speak the truth, or do you bend it out of shape? Do 
you know the Lord, or is he just a fable to you? Do you think it was a big bang, or 
just a concidence? How do you justify the life that you lead, are you truly happy, is 
this all you need? When you see others suffering, does it move your heart at all, or 
do you count them as losers, those less deserving than you? Do you  have 
compassion, or a concience at all?

Perhaps it's time to reflect on this, to take the time to ~~~Meditate~~to put 
yourself in their place, don't you think that's fair? You can't feel their suffering, I 
know that this is true; but use your imagination, don't you think that's the least you 
could do?

Perhaps even better, you could experience it yourself, do you have the courage to 
put it to the test?  ~~Meditate~~