Life Is Mortal Combat

Written by: Rick Rucker

Life Is Mortal Combat By Rick Rucker Life is mortal combat, sorry for the name, Life is mortal combat, and I do not mean the game! It starts out rather meekly, just as we are born, But it gets far tougher, as we are old and worn! At a time when we could use all our remaining power, Life cruelly throws all she has got at us, in our final hour! For my money, I would rather die a lion, than to die a sheep, To go out in a blaze of glory, than to sneak out, in my sleep! Rather fight a duel, to the death, in the blazing light, Than to cry and shake, a coward, through the long and lonely night! When I see Saint Peter, I will say that I was not always right, But I will wager that Death knew he was in a terrific fight!