Erase What's Been Done

Written by: mermanda dawn

You have nightmares 
of the war
how it shakes your core
wake up every night
feeling death at your door
to wish to change history
to see a new path
but you know these things
are all in the past
now alive in your memory
you wish you could erase 
the children hiding from the guns and grenades
the mud smeared on your face
looking around and seeing your brothers
left to die there 
just another number
what the government has made you do
a license to kill
but now you see
that children aren't the enemies
the mothers still have love
and the fathers still care
just because your in a different country 
does not mean there is no love there
a different color skin
and different religions
but all our hearts are the same
how does mankind have any love left
when we look around and see
and drugs
nothing is really free
war changed everything 
how can one serve his country 
and not the human race
why is it just in borders
does our love have a face
and even then 
we leave men with no home
and families out in the rain
people to die alone

You deserve so much more
some help with your internal war
deserve to see the love that is left 
although it is cold
and heavy on your chest
there are some people who have warmth inside
some people out there who are willing to die 
for the sake of true love
to save at least one
to take a friends hand 
and try to erase what's been done