Written by: William Crocker

                                   The remorseful ocean murmured her regrets
                                                    For the fierce tantrum
                                            She had thrown the night before.
                                                She unfolds her pleated skirt
                                                           Along the shore
                                                      And whispers,“Come.”

                                                   She has seduced me before
                                                         And is trying again.
                                                         Her tide’s long arms
                                                 Wrap lovingly around the rocks
                                                        And lavish wet kisses
                                                        On their craggy faces.

                                                        I hold her in my heart
                                                         And dance with joy
                                                     On the sun-drenched sand.
                                                         She is a fickle lover
                                                   Who ever toys with my heart
                                                              And draws me
                                                       Down to the sea again.