The Death of James Evans on Good Times

Written by: Celeste Jordan

Life stopped for a moment when we received that call
The Savior came and you left us all

Your pain is relieved, so should we rejoice or cry?
Unknown how to just say goodbye

Trying to be normal as if life’s a blast
Masking the hurt with empty laughs

Moving on as if nothing has occurred
Your husband has died, haven’t you heard!!

Your children are hurting and now they’re mad
Cause Mom’s acting strange and not even sad?

How can this be when we hurt so each night
An attack of some sort like a stick of DynoMite!

We know she’s suffering getting her strength from above
She’s lost the only man that she has ever loved

Then it happens and so we know she’s not fine
Breaking the dishes remembering all the Good Times.

The Death Of James Evans on Good Times, by Celeste Jordan