Written by: Jack Ross jr.

I have torn my clothes and sprinkled ashes on my head, I am wounded and my 
blood runs red!

I believed you were my friend, now I realize I was wrong. You used me when I 
provided the things that you desired, but when that was over you cast me aside. 
You have turned your face away from me, no longer do my company you keep. I now 
can see my friend you never were, you were only a parasite, taking what you 
wanted, never caring for me.

My heart is pierced and there is sadness in my mind, I truly cared for you, but your 
feined friendship was merely a subtrafuge the entire time.

How will I learn to trust again, to open up my heart, when such travistry I have 
experienced so many times. Perhaps in time my wounds will heal, maybe then I 
will open my heart again, but warily protected by a shield of steel.