Determined for Sex

Written by: Suresh Iyer

                           Men worship women
                       Great culture that we are
                               Man to woman
                                 Love for lust
                               Marry for money
                            Determined for sex
                     Pornography before marriage
                      Sonography after marriage
                                Choice is a boy
                         Result - sex determination
                           Girl ends up as foetus
                           Boy ends up as a man
                            To find a day where
                          Men wont get women
                               Homos will rule
                             Porno to sono to homo
                            The cycle might end here
                          Won't be seen at home ever
                     Women to be seen only in temples
                        Men will worship women indeed

                                                             Suresh M Iyer

Female infanticide is on the rise in Modern India, where sex is determined for 
weeding out females and selecting males.  Designer babes are the order of the day.