Television Is A Catalyst

Written by: Ingibo Benson

Present day film presents sex and love
Sordid spectacle spectators enjoy
Children peep at obscene scene, soon it
Comes back in their inward eye, altering
Swiftly their feel and what they seem to need
Even the world and how they see it
And just when no one is on their way
In pairs, young ones defile their being
Making a shame of virginity

She's thirteen and looks so sweet
Peter comes around tries if she's cheap
If she's carried away, Oh what sweet a tea
Perhaps Paul can enjoy, even Tim
But this is not the way of the Lord

“All my friends drink, take drugs
Have sex, slur and steal”
But why not dare to stand alone?
And be Jesus’ pride, for your sins he atone
Why not pride in a spotless gown
An untouched woman is a man's covert dream
No man eats his cake and has it
Patience avails much
Even the preacher had made it clear-
There is a time for everything

Our bodies a sacrifice must be
Holy and pleasing unto our king
Undefiled and innocent as baby new
A pure self is honourable in all
Haven't you heard that AIDS is real?
And that Abstinence is the best remedy
Television is a catalyst
It has increased the sexual pressure in men.