Written by: Umme Salma Alam

Waiting for the last drop of  the sun to be evaporated,
And the last bus of my day to pack me away to…
My eyelashes fluttered from   piles of human to piles of human 
 Wriggling …
A girl with eyes bended over mobile and spreading pink flushed cheeks.
Had someone just told that she was the last beautiful girl alive in the earth?
A middle-aged man frowning furiously with floating head.
Who stole his happiness?
An octogenarian woman oscillating like an octopus.
How life was draining away from her!
A crooked nose with sunken eyes eyeing me up made me tighten my face.
Did he somewhere in his life dream of an unpolluted soul?
On the other…
A boy busily took his gaze away when mine happened to meet his.
How was he designed to disbelief?
A restless kid pouring the pinks and yellows of the sunrise.
Where is life going to land him?
Oh! Never will I know!
Perhaps the answer  will remain untouched forever.
How many unknown faces I meet every day!
Do they even exist when they are not covered by my eyesight?
Is it so mandatory for these piles of human to flood into one quoted part of my life?
 And stay just for a while and float away?