God's will, not mine

Written by: michael hornschuch

“I’ve always honored and admired the strength of our men and women in combat” 
But saying ‘thank you’ always seemed kind of trite, how could I show my true 

I’m just an ordinary man, nothing to brag about just a guy in the crowd
But one day special, no, it was more than just that. God called upon me to where a 
different hat.

Driving down a road in search of camping site, I stumbled upon a ranger’s station 
that offered some light. He showed us a map, and told us of wonderful camping, 
amenities galore a true camper’s delight.
For a mere certain price, we could get a sight for the night. Insulted at thinking of 
having to pay to enter God’s country, I humbly said ‘Thank you, maybe another day’. 
My wife could see that something was amiss, we returned to the car and she asked 
what was wrong. I told her I didn’t know, it wasn’t the money, just something wasn’t 
right, let’s move on
We headed back toward the town we’d just left, when a big white truck went flying 
on by, we could see two young men, shouting and hooting… I remember thinking “ I 
remember those days”
We watched as the truck went over the hill then a crash and a bang, and a flurry of 
dust. Let’s turn around and see what has happened. We got to the scene and a 
crowd was standing around. The truck had flipped over, and smoke was everywhere. 
I noticed quite oddly, no one was helping out, like a crowd in a circus just watching a 
freak show. I looked at a man and said, “Are you just going to stare?” What can I 
do? I don’t know how to help. I walked to the victims and immediately saw; these 
men were in trouble and needed my help.  My wife was still in the car and I told her 
to get out, ‘get the first aid kit and follow me quick.’ The first guy was sitting in the 
middle of the road, not a shirt on his back, and a wound that was deep, exposing the 
bone. Alert to my questions I asked if he was okay, “I can’t find my girl” she was with 
me today. My wife came from behind and noticed the boy. “Oh my god, he looks like 
our son” I told her to stay with him, don’t let him drift off, or he’ll be done.