Written by: Great Jaja

Lost in the euphoria of love
Swimming like the river had no endings
Regardless of the story fate would always have to tell

I was entangled by the hooks of her warm embrace
I dangled in the mingle feeling like i had an angle
Only but to find out that i was just jingling across the jungle

I never believed little lights could shine so bright
To even blinding the hearts of the pages
Making standing monuments go lame so easily
Not until the day my ears tasted bitter waters

Oh! how can i forget my dark morning?
when the bird had no wings to fly again
Sitting on top of the tree of shame and regrets
Deeply wounded by the biting words of friends and rivals

I was forced to spontaneously feel like ****
Because my scale of preference was turned to my opportunity cost
Then i knew "fate always has a story to tell"