What Happenned

Written by: David Jefferies

It feels like yesturday that your were living your dreams, 

You were succesfull and you were in love with your life, 

Now a days things have changed and lifes not what it seems, 

You've lost your house, kids, car and most impotantly your wife, 

Now you spend your days drinking youself half to death, 

Sat on the floor asking starngers if they can spare some cash, 

Your heads in a mess because of the crystal meth, 

But all you want to do know is go back on the lash, 

All you ever wanted to be is someone in the crowd, 

You wanted, money, fame, a family with that special girl, 

But now a days you are no longer that loud, 

And all you want now is out of the cruel world, 

What Happenned?