Written by: Jack Ross jr.

You see the sparkle in my eye? You are the reason, let me tell you why. You fill my 
heart with joy and love.

When I think about you, there it is along with a smile, a warmth in my heart and a 
giddy feeling inside. When we are apart you are always on my mind, I would love to 
be with you all the time.

When I'm with you, I'm like a child at play frolicking and laughing all through the day. 
My nights are filled with dreams of you, how much we share. I really don't know how 
to express how much I care. To say that I love you just isn't enough. It goes much 
deeper, you color my world with the brightest of shades, give me reason for liviing 
each day. I want to thank you, what else can I say.

If you ever doubt what I feel for you, just pause and behold the sparkle in my eye.