A Fairy's Tale

Written by: Caryl Muzzey

Beyond five-color-banded rainbow is fairyland
nestled deep in fragrant flowered valleys.
Comforting breezes flow when giant wings expand
flying baby blue skies over gumdrop alleys.

Sweet confetti sprinkle marmalade mountain peaks
towering high above cotton candy clouds.
Cool chocolate milk flows through giant rivers and creeks
snaking its way amidst huge ravenous crowds.

Warm gingerbread houses line fairyland hamlet
tucked away near dark-fudge-mud-cake talus.
It rains sugar crystal tears without getting wet
however; mint green grass grows regardless.

Fairies travel miles to turn teeth into money
do so more often to add a big smile.
Although they look and dress kind of funny
their sure kindness never runs out of style.

Not everyone is a fairy in fairyland
sprouting wings is very hard to achieve.
One must be gentle and have a kind hand
but most of all, they must believe.

Copyright © 2011  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Third Place Winner ~ "Land of Faries” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Leighann Anderson
Aug. 8, 2011