The Flower's Of Spring Praise Him In Everything

Written by: Anna Tucker

This winding road
I've seen before,
What a welcome sight;
My soul shall make it's flight!
Puffy pussy willows,
And weeping willows,
The sound of a dove
Sings to the Father above.
I tread some more
On this brown and green floor,
With wings of prayer
For thou art there.
Then with much elation,
I bow in adoration,
For there on the ground
Look what I've found,
Mayflowers galore
On this brown and green floor, 
I knew there was more 
My Lord had in store!

Written March 21, 2006 
With much snow on the ground I was deeply touched that in the bare ground patches 
MAYFLOWERS were blooming.
Makes me praise our God of Creation!