I was listening to the wind today

Written by: Jean-Pierre Gregoire

I was listening to the wind today
it beckoned me
whispering your name
unleashing a legion of fire breathing dragons
from deep inside my veins
splashing onto my glistening skin
dancing in a torrid ecstasy
gliding across my quivering body
saturating me with your swirling passion
and at the height of their celebration
I heard a faint distant sound
a stirring from deep within
a rustling of leaves in a primeval forest
expanding into a thunderous drum 
rendering all of my senses asunder
my breath inhaled you
my every pore exhaled you
as the splendour of your precious liquid love
giving golden wings to my grateful heart
carrying me to the edge of the universe 
I lay there smiling
as the dragons marched into my eyes
returning to their peaceful slumber
I was listening to the wind today
it spoke to me
and whispered your name