A Caring Heart

Written by: Chrissy Downing

A simple union of Kindred souls is all it takes
A caring stranger giving you hope to go on is who I try to be
A caring heart is where i start
I see a beautiful child before me
Her life in the grips of deaths evil hands
What her fate may be no one knows
But I know I can give her hope
I see an elderly man stumble as he walks
I jump up to give him a hand
No man or woman should have to feel alone
So I try to make them feel welcome
People come together in the darkest of times
And in their Union light can be found
When an epidemic hits a society you can find unity
As once when I was ill others were there for me Ill be the same for them
My name is not defined by what happens to me
Its defined by my actions and the response I leave behind