Just in time

Written by: Treasa Jarvis

There was a time in my life
when I was lonely and broken
I would sing many a song
but It was His words unspoken.
One glance.
A meeting of Chance.
The wounds were all healed.
but scars still reviled .
Was it an inchanted spell
love was not just a fairy tale,
But it is more precious than Gold.
A precious treasure to behold.
I began to view the world as a new born child
seeing things through eyes of love so mild
Compassion for my fellow man
became important once again.
Both He and I were alone 
and thought that all love had gone.
but God smiled on us and allowed us to reach that everlasting love that we'd dreamed about.
just in time..

The right time contest
By Treasa Jarvis
dedicated to Joel Jarvis my Love..