Written by: Audonus Taylor

Soundly, sweetly,
You slumber within beauty,
Heartache, consumes you,
Yet if you only knew me,
Love would reign again,
Passions would arise,
As I offer you enchantment,
Love eternal, before your eyes,

Slowly, gently,
Let my heart caress you,
Believe it, trust it,
As love starts to possess you,
Hold me, need me,
As I return emotion,
Whisper, Softly,
The phrases of devotion,

Heartless, Heartbreak,
Inspires immense sorrow,
Rest now, calmly,
For I am your tomorrow,
Listen, closely,
And follow each sensation,
Completely, succumb to,
Loves sweet intoxication,

Frightened, Fearful,
You cherish sincere diction,
Hear me, know me,
And abandon all conviction,
No fears, No rues,
For our love will be sublime,
Compulsion, successful,
I am yours, and you are mineā€¦