Written by: Jhobeb Villasor

Oh what a delight for me to see
The girl that I love, when she passes by me
Oh how I wish I could foresee
When I ask of her hand to be with me.

Simplicity, is she just like a lily
Until it blooms you won’t see its beauty
She never thought of things as complicated
Because of that she had me captivated.

She smiles and jokes like a child
And when with me is always mild
Her childish manners give her sweetness
This in turn loses my toughness.

Oh how I wish for her full attention
Because sometimes for her I am non existent
This is too bad for me when I mention
But for love I will always be persistent.

She will always be nostalgic
From time to time even it is tragic
Won’t she be mine, I don’t mind
But my love to her I will always find.