And Jesus Wept

Written by: colin mitchell williams

I fell to my knees and wept
Bound in aged skin
With the scars designed
I wept in chains 

And though the tears flowed
Still I burned again a hundred fold
As I lay my fist on quiet Earth
And died within the heartbeat of everyone else

Every sob tore its mouthful of food from my throat
Each wretched and bloodied second
A whining bullet for my soul to fall upon
And I drown within the pain of someone

……….. This quiet blockade

Such a taste upon my lips
Of all the vicious felt this stab into my back
And to my heart echoed such sorrow
When at last my eyes were opened

In such agony have I lived
Mindless, dumb and clueless
In such a welter of deceit did I exist
To be blinded by the promise of comfort

And such is a the price I paid
When my soul beat vengeance on this quiet blockade
And by the divisions of wealth
It was I, who had become a slave

I cannot count the grains of rice
Nor the bodies strung out in a corpses eye
And I can only bleed within my heart
To witness such insanity

I do not stand there among them
The butchered bloody collateral damage of hatred
Yet die each moment with them
My family of children, my brothers and my sisters