The Gorgeous Grape-Giver

Written by: Glenn Sentes

And she came on an even with a basket of grapes
While her smiles reflected in the purplish drupe
She said “A treat for your melodious voice
A gesture for helping me with my choir’s songs.”

And so I took the present home
Shared with my sweet sisters, dad and mom
But as they ate them all up
I realized I had more than enough

The fruit may have been all eaten up
But the seeds are left on the stall
We met again, there were grapes and more
And the seed of friendship we come to nurture.

Through all the years her vineyard flourished
Valentine’s, Christmas, birthdays I was nourished
Her love and care kept enduring
Return to her a hundredfold was all my wishing.

You grape-giver are half-human, half-divine
Heaven-sent on the tenth of July
I scribbled this poetry with the ink of thy vine
For on this day my thanks are all thine.

Happy birthday, Gorgeous Melitte!