The Quest(ion) remains

Written by: Brandon Basson

“Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?
Because it feels so good when I stop”

Searching fulfillment in each written sentence
On route to becoming a great moral being
Voids of feeling should start with repentance
Relaying the outcomes to all that I’ve seen
I stumble and rise as I journey forward
When obstacles bring me to stubbing my toe
I persevere ever through each raging torrent
And question the norms of the status quo
I climb as I bang my head against walls
Halting progression to sky phases next
I carry on further the burden to fall
Blinded in ventures through mazes perplexed
So why do I torture myself it may seem 
Continually beating my way to the top 
The fight for the cause does justify means
The shifting of balance feels best when I stop