Love Like No Other for Elizabeth Wesley

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

Smoke bellowed out the top
Of the trawler’s ships
As the merciless hunters loaded
Their harpoons with exploding tips

“There she blows,” a sailor shouted 
It was a female whale that surfaced and spouted
The engines roared in hot pursuit
The Captain aiming ready to shoot
He shoots, it explodes, making a hole in her fin
She gasps her last breath as she can no longer swim

Her eyes expresses her agony and shock
Then close as she passes out and sinks like a rock
Divers plunge to secure their with ropes
But she is out of reach dashing their hopes

Then in the darkness she feels a thump 
Again and a again under her she feels the bump
Her eyes open drowsily to see him struggling to push her up
A male dolphin she identifies when he swims close up

Endangering his own life he will not go up for air
She must breath first as he is overwhelmed with her despair
What seemed an eternity she finally surfaces and takes a breath
The he surfaces satisfied they both cheated death

He swims gently supporting her wounded fin
Til they reach the shore of an island call Baralin
The water is warm and shallow enough 
For her to breath where the water’s not too rough

He swims out to sea where it’s warm in the south
And returns with plankton and kisses her transferring it from his to her mouth
Each time he does this, their feels grow strong
Of the love between a dolphin and a whale which will be remembered in loves folk song...

**For Elizabeth Wesley, Who wanted a poem of a dophin who falls in love with a